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Confront Your Demons




Music and lyrics by WHOIAM
Recorded by E. Jouaneau at La NEF June - February 2015
Mixed and masterised by Fabien Guilloteau at NOMAD AUDIO
Artwork by Joseph Le


released May 1, 2015



all rights reserved


WHO I AM Angoulême, France

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Track Name: No Time To Waste
I've considered my brother
I was too young to fucking see
Shit you've forced in my head
To take advantage of me

Fucking you
I have no time to waste
Away from you
I want the best for me

These dark hours beside you
Were the worst part of my life
Enough time wasted now
I have to think of myself

It wasn't unnecessary days of my life
'Cause i have learnt
To look ahead, I need to remind my mistakes
Today and forever, I am wary
Of my surroundings

Memories serve to remind
Who's there for m
I face and I sort out
Track Name: Tireless
Tireless, I take the mic
To spit my fucking rage
I seek something inside me
You never can see
Things have to be done
I give to take my life back
I try to face my demons
Everyday them fight

Confront my fears
That never decides my fate
Cast out devils in me
And keep control of myself
Beyond your downbeat vision
I do everything I can

Relentless, I have to persist
Tireless, struggle to exist
The sun one day will leave us all behind
Think for the best till the day I die

Right before your eyes
My strength will overcome
Keep in your minds
One day, my time will come

Track Name: Stronger Than Ever
Since I was a kid I met so many people
They guided me to make the right choice
Some of them are still here with me
For the others, I quickly saw, fuck off

They spend their time talking about others
Their jealousy makes me sick, fucking sick
Nothing better to do so you judge
I begin to think that they are fuckin bored

With their smiles of hyprocrites
They stare at me
It is with a dagger
They engrave me their hatred.
They stab me in the back, as always

I'm stronger and I know it
I do not care all that crap
I make my way with the real ones
They know we have the same aim

They will always be there for me
I will always be there for them
We will share our joys and woes
Together we will support

You are everything to me
Without you I would not be there
You give me the strength
You give me the strength
Track Name: Trust Kills
After all we've been through
Face to face, you lied again
The trust i gave you is fucking soiled
I'll never get back in your game

You have crossed too many lines
No dignity, stay away from me
You have break down links of crew
Expect no respect, no mercy

Now trust kills

I hate myself for believing in you
No esteem for you, expect no mercy,
I hate you for what you hide and do
Get lost there's nothing to teach me

Your eyes insult me
My smile fucks you
I'ma afraid for everybody
Who are again with you

I know trust kills

Time can't digest
Track Name: No Fucking Apologies
I spit on you sort of guilty
Don't deny the past and the strife
For the faith I use my fury
You are out of my life

Betrayer stay clear of me
No one hears your apologies
Don't wanna damage control
Then i curse your dirty soul

You have ruined our brotherhood
Have to show respect you should
You have ruined our brotherhood
Your problems are no longer mine

Have to show respect you should
On your fucking grave i won't cry

No fucking apologies
No fucking apologies

I spit on your fucking grave
Track Name: LAHC (Los Angoulemes Hardcore)
You think being in numbers
Makes you stronger
In this town, we are alone
And we don't give a fuck

We have our way to follow
We are just ourselves
We are not like the others
We keep our pride

Fuck you, we don't let down
The right response
Do it yourself
We are self made men
We don't need you to feel alive

Face to face, I spread my pride
If you disagree, continue your way

It'll never break us
Track Name: Get Out

When I was out and down
You never fucking come
Easy to bitch about everyone
'cause you think you are at the top

I always told I was nothing like you
Don't need your help / your respect
I don't give a fuck about your crew
I'll do my own stuff by myself

I spit on your fucking face
I spit on your fucking grave

Now get out
I spit on you

Don't take me for someone else
I don't seek to look like the rest
The shit spread by your mouth
I spit on you

I know who I am

Today, I spit on your face
The day you die, I'll spit on your fucking grave